Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Moving Day Is Upon Us

Moving day has snuck up on us, in much the same way a lumbering giant might sneak upon a village- loudly, with lots of forewarning, and maybe a little bellowing of fear- and yet we are completely, absolutely so far behind schedule it's actually funny.

Moving day is tomorrow. We are about, oh, 40% packed.  

Did I mention moving day is tomorrow?

I just haven't felt like packing. At all. 

I start and get one box done and then convince myself that I did enough. 

I think that this lack of desire to pack is directly related to my ambivalence toward this move. In my history, I've never been so..... meh.... about it all. I've either been so damn happy that I was just ready to get it done and be in the new place, or I was so pissed off that the anger fueled my packing abilities. 

This time, I'm neither.

In the past my moves have been either upward (happy) or downward (angry), but this is more of a lateral move, I guess you could say.  The new place, which I shall refer to as GG, has a lot of great features that I am really looking forward to, like a huge back porch which is facing  a tree-covered area that has a duck pond and is perfect for walking the dogs. But it also doesn't have some of the things I've come to love about our current apartment (which I shall call O51P). It doesn't have a huge garden tub, or crown moldings, or 9ft ceilings. 

GG has free cable with HBO and a cute little rock wall in the entry way. O51P has an elegance to it. 

But the biggest thing is O51P is in quiet, Alachua that I've come to love. And GG is in icky Gainesville, with horrid traffic. I am not looking forward to dealing with all that traffic. 

And to make everything infinitely more stressful, O51P is re-paving the parking lot this week. Our section was supposed to be done yesterday. Now they tell us they are doing it today. Let me just tell you, if they try to do our section tomorrow, I will not hold back my fury. They will see every last ounce of my ambivalence morphed into a fury they will never want to see again. If I have to park my Uhaul on the other side of the parking lot and carry heavy ass furniture to it, they will feel my wrath. 

They will wish they hadn't. 

But now I must stop procrastinating and get packing. Since there's still 55% to go. 

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