Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Very Big News!

Looking back at the last few times I've posted... I realized two things:

1. I clearly need to get better at updating the blog.
2. It's funny what I posted about last time, compared to what I'm about to say.

In case you haven't guessed it by now..... We're moving!

But this isn't just any other move, and boy have we moved a LOT. This move is so very, very different from all the others in one big way.....

We are now HOMEOWNERS!

Or we will be on Friday, anyway. All that's left is a few signatures and getting the keys!

We are beyond stoked for this. This will be the first home either of us have owned. I have dreamed of this for so long. My own place. No renting. No landlord. No sharing the outdoor space (or walls, or roofs) with other people who have no respect for peace and quiet.

No one telling me what I can do with my yard or what color I can paint or where to park. No worries of my guests being towed for accidentally parking in the wrong place. And SPACE, so much space!

Of course, while this is grand and exciting, it's also a bit terrifying. I mean..... there's no 24 maintenance crew. There's a 30 year mortgage looming before me.  We are solely responsible for keeping the house a well maintained home.

But we're up for the challenge. I have been ready for this for quite a while!

Anyway, enough blabbing! Time for the good stuff - Details and Pics!

The house has three bedrooms and 2 baths. The garage was remodeled and enclosed to make an extra room, which will be our craft/game room. The yard is 1.06 acres (and eeek I'm so happy about that!) My biggest fear was having to settle for a postage stamp sized yard! It's full of trees and open space. There is only ONE neighbor to the right. The lot to the left, behind and across the street are all empty, open and wooded space. I couldn't be happier!

I don't have many pics right now, but I will DEFINITELY get more this weekend!

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