Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I had an ortho appointment today and after waiting until 5pm to see the doctor (my appt was at 3!), I finally got some good news! Break is completely healed, doc couldn't even tell where the break was!

Then I got even awesomer news (that's totally a word)!

I got a brace! That I can wear in a shoe! Like OMG! 6 months and I finally get to wear a shoe!

It's kinda big for my shoe. As you can see. The shoe still has the laces that the EMT's chopped up (GRRR, I mean, really? You couldn't just untie it?) so I couldn't lace it up all the way... but I probably wouldn't have anyway since the brace is so fat.

Wanna see the shoe and brace in action?

Are you sure?


Wooohoo! No more boot!

How awesome is this????!!!!