Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shiver Me Tingles

Although burn is more like it. Since my foot surgery, I've experienced all manner of horrible tingling in my foot. Neuropathy, they call it. I call it my own personal hell... a fire you just can't extinguish.

To say that my foot "tingles" is like saying that a hurricane is "just a little bit of wind".

This tingling isn't constant, but it's there about 90% of the time. Most of that time, it's this annoying "cold fire" if that makes any sense. But occasionally, and completely out of the blue, I feel this surge, almost a pulse, of electricity through my foot. It's painful. And its so strong that sometimes my leg actually jerks in response. And it always targets the sensitive spots... you know the ones I'm talking about... inside of the ankle, nail bed, top of the big toe.

For a week or two, It really started to improve and the tingling began to cease. But lately, it's gotten worse again. And I credit this to the fact that the swelling has gone down considerably, meaning that I'm starting to feel sensations in parts of my foot that previously had been completely numb. So, now the sole of my foot and the bottoms of my toes, after two months of absolutely no feeling what-so-ever is coming back to life lol. There still isn't much skin to skin sensation (me taking my finger and very lightly brushing the surface of my foot), but if I apply a little pressure, I can feel it and I can feel the tingling increase as a result of it.

But as annoying and painful as this is, it's a good sign, I think. It means that I still have hope of regaining feeling on the bottom of my foot. I had begun to fear, it would stay numb forever. If only I could just get rid of all the swelling! I don't know how long it takes for the swelling to go down after surgery to screw your leg back together...but I'm impatient! It needs to hurry up!

Has anyone else dealt with neuropathy due to surgery? How did you manage the insanity of it? Any suggestions?

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