Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Day

So, today is my last day at my friends house and I will be going home tomorrow. It feels very weird to me. On one hand I will miss my friends. I haven't been able to replace my car since the accident, so I doubt I will see her much once I leave. On the other hand I am looking forward to being home. Being in my space. Seeing my babies again (my 2 dogs). It's been two months and I miss them like crazy. I may cry if they don't recognize me!

But it's also scary. I will be in a different surrounding than I'm used to. I have so much equipment that I have to use to get around, I'm nervous that it will be difficult to adjust. My bathroom is much smaller than the one here, so I'm worried about the walker fitting into the bathroom.

I'm concerned about sleeping. I'm finally able to sleep in my hospital bed completely flat. This is good because the transition to a regular bed shouldn't be too far away. I really just want to get into MY bed and see if it's comfortable enough to sleep in.

I'm also thinking about space. My room isn't that big. So I'm thinking about how I will get my wheelchair around. There is a cabinet that I know will have to be moved... I just don't know where the heck I will put it. Actually, this just occured to me... maybe I can put it on top of my dresser (it's small). It's been there before, so I know it will fit. I just will have to find a place to put my dvd player, directv box, and Wii. Hmm.... nothing coming to me yet. Oh well... I'm sure it will be better tomorrow when I can actually SEE everything. It's great cause Johnny will be with me the whole time, so that makes me feel so much less stress. And I'm sure tomorrow will be very stressful.

On a lighter note, the ramp is supposed to be finished today (just in time!) So at least I know I will be able to get in the door!

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