Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Good News! I'm moving! Yes, yes, I know it seems like we just did this... but I really didn't move. I was just staying at a friends house while I recuperated from my accident before going back to my home. But this time I'm moving for real!

My man and I will be moving into our own place on Aug 3. It's small, but it fits our budget. And the landlord doesn't have a problem with my two dogs (one is a Pit Bull). It's great. I am beyond excited for us to begin our lives together.

Now for the Bad News. Or maybe just "not so great" news.

The two things my doc told me not to do were 1. put weight on my foot and 2. Fall on it.
Guess who did both yesterday? That's right. This imbecile right here! True, it wasn't exactly on purpose...but it still happened.

See, getting in and out of my sisters apt is a big pain because there are steps. And with me in a wheelchair... well you can see the dilemma. So, I was balancing on one foot while my helper brought the chair down the steps and WHOOPSY! I went down. I didn't technically fall ON my foot per se... but my darn reflexes stuck that foot out to break my fall. It wasn't a lot of weight because it wasn't like someone pushed me.. it was more like losing balance in the middle of a yoga pose. Just sort of put my foot on the ground. And it wasn't a lot of weight because I lifted my foot right away.... which of course made me land on my knee. It didn't hurt my foot (not that I felt) but it did hurt my knee. I've had so many problems with this knee (which the docs told me nothing was wrong with... but they are SO checking it end of the month).

Now, this morning, I'm sore everywhere (these muscles haven't been used for much of anything in two months). My foot hurts, but nothing out of the ordinary. No unusual pain. So, I think I'm good. Plus, the doc did say it would take a fair force to cause problems... so I'm not really worried. But I was sure shaken up yesterday when it happened!

But I think I'm just gonna take this day to rest, be lazy, and NOT fall again.


  1. It wasn't that bad of a fall! You're going to be fine. Now hurry up and move here. I need company!

  2. pish! I will get there soon enough! Less than a month!