Monday, June 20, 2011

Ankle Update

So, it's been a week since my cast removal. I'm adjusting to having a boot and it's coming along pretty well. I'm doing my range of motion exercises five times a day and I have noticed that I have a much better degree of movement than just one week ago. I don't have the best angle of view, but it appears that I have about 50% of my movement back. In just one week! It makes me very excited to see how much progress I will have made in 5 more weeks. For a visual, here is my foot a mere week ago:(feel free to ignore the hairy leg. It was in a cast for 6 weeks for crying out loud!!)
Notice the scabs and the (OMG) swelling. Well, the scabs are mostly gone (to be replaced with lots of peeling), and the swelling has gone down a bit. Here is my foot right now:

See? It looks a lot better, no? And it's shaved too! Now if we can just get my piggies wiggling, we'll be in business.

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