Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have felt marked improvement in the last week and a half. My mood has lightened considerably and, generally, I just feel a lot better. While I still feel pain, it has subsided, more to a moderate annoyance, rather than the tear-inducing hell it was a mere two weeks ago. I have discovered that I now have the ability to bend over in my wheelchair and pick up something off the ground. I can sit up unaided from a flat bed. And overall, I can just move much more easily than before.

I had two follow up appts this week, both of which pissed me off. The first was my general trauma follow up. I was told right off the bat that they didn't know why I was told to follow up, because "it wasn't needed". But, I complained about the pain in my shoulder enough they finally gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxer and physical therapy. The second appt was for neurosurgery. They also told me that a follow up appt wasn't needed and, get this... that the neck brace I had been wearing for 6 weeks was never even needed. GRRRR. Nice to know I can get it off....but would have been even nicer to never have worn it. Every time I turn around Shands is doing something to piss me off. I've lost faith in them. So, I'm going to stick a little note inside my wallet, just in case I ever get in another accident, that says "Take me to North Florida" because I don't want to deal with Shands anymore.

But overall, I'm doing much better, am much happier, and can't wait to get this cast off!

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