Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Cast and a Nazi Nurse

Today was my first orthopedic appointment since the surgery on my foot. To sum up this day in one word: Painful.

They got me out of bed around 11:30. I decided to do as much as I could by myself today and I was very surprised at what I accomplished. I raised the head of the bed to an almost sitting position, then I pulled myself forward until I was actually sitting. Then I slowly swung my legs to the floor, so that I was sitting on the side of the bed. I did all this without the brace that I usually have around my ribs. At this point I actually put on a bra and tank top (I've been in a hospital gown this whole time) and a pair of shorts for the first time in two weeks. It felt good to feel normal.

Then the van arrived and Johnny and I went to the doctors office. I felt very tense waiting for the appointment. I was really nervous. I'm not really sure why or what I was expecting, but it was like I was waiting for bad news.

First, they cut open my soft cast, exposing my stitches. I was very nervous to see my foot, to see if I was going to have really bad scars. But it wasn't bad. I saw two main incisions, one about an inch long and one about three inches long. They did a couple xrays and then moved me into a room where they began removing the stitches. For the most part it just felt weird, but a couple of them hurt. I tried not to look, but I did the long incision after the stitches were out and it was pretty wide. I know that one is going to leave a pretty good scar.

Then came the horrible part. They had to bend my foot so that the ankle was in a 90 degree angle. Well, after two weeks of NOT moving, my foot did NOT take kindly to being repositioned. Let me say, this was the absolute worst pain I've felt since the accident and I had taken my last pain killer about 3 hours prior. I had one guy holding my foot in place (inflicting the pain) and another wrapping the cast around my leg. All the while, they are both like, "Honey, stop crying we aren't hurting you on purpose." and I'm like "I'm crying because it hurts! Now stop talking and hurry up!"

They finally got the cast done and wrapped in neon orange, of course. By this point, the pain has subsided some, but no where near enough. We were able to leave then, so we called the van to pick us up and then headed back to the nursing home. At this point, I had been sitting in a very uncomfortable wheelchair for over 5 hours. My rear end was so sore, I couldn't wait to get in bed. I asked for my pain pills, but it was too soon for Percocet, so I had to settle for Ultram.

At 6pm, I asked for the Percocet, since I took it at noon and I can have it every 6 hours. But that damn Nazi nurse, tried to give me the run around. She was like, "You get a pill every 3 hours, so you gotta wait til 8". I'm like "Hell no!" The Percocet's have nothing to do with the Ultram's. I made a scene, asked for her boss. The boss also gave me a hard time. I tried to explain that I've gotten them closer than three hours many times before...this time, not very nicely. She still refused and I ordered her to call the doctor. And FINALLY, at 7pm, the doctor approved the meds. Smart man. Somehow, I managed the 6 year old inside me wanting to tell the nurse "Told ya so."

So, here I am. Waiting on another Percocet and a good long sleep tonight. I just keep repeating to myself "This is only temporary... This is only temporary"...

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