Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Time of Change

It's corny, but I almost feel as if I'm on the verge of a new chapter or something. So much has changed this year, especially in these last few months. Losses and gains. Highs and lows.

In just the last few months, I've lost a much loved dog and gained a new puppy, lost some friends (which had really been a long time coming), gained a second car and gained a new job.

Everything just feels so weird.

I returned to the working world yesterday. This will be the first time I've worked since my car accident in 2011 - three and half years. At first, I didn't work because I couldn't due to injuries, but after that, it was completely by choice. I enjoyed being home. And I am going to miss it immensely.

But with a new car, comes a need to return to work (If I'd like to ever have some spending money!). And weird is the only word that describes how it feels. For so long, I've woken when I've wanted, ate meals when I wanted, and made plans without needing to check my schedule (for the most part). And now, I will go back to schedules and packing lunches, and business politics.

But it will be nice to be out in the world again, refreshing my social circle, doing a job I've never done before. Will be interesting at the very least.

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