Friday, September 2, 2011

Crutches and Pouches

Well, I've finally gotten crutches. It's weird to be vertical for more than five minutes lol. And oh does it hurt my foot! My good foot, that is. It's not used to standing anymore, and seriously... just a few minutes and it's screaming at me. So, I've been doing an old trick I learned some years ago when I was a cashier. All you have to do is sit in a chair, on the couch, the bed.. it doesn't matter. Have a tennis ball on the floor and place your foot on top of it. Then applying a little pressure (not too much!) just roll your foot forward and backward letting the ball massage the sole of your foot. It's easy! And it works great for anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet or has plantar fasciitis. Try it!

It's great to be on my feet again... but a wheelchair definitely has it's benefits. For instance, when using the crutches, I can't take my cup to the kitchen, refill it, and walk back to the couch.... unless I'm gonna attempt carrying the glass in my teeth! Crutches really tie up your hands. So, I've been pondering an idea for a pouch that would either Velcro or tie to the crutches to help carry things that my hands can't. Sure, it still wouldn't be good for a glass of water, but it certainly would be great for a bottle of water. And if it comes out well, I may make some for wheelchairs and walkers too and sell them on Etsy. I hear things like that are a hit in the nursing homes!

What do you think? Anywhere you could use an extra set of hands? [No pornographic answers please ;)]

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