Friday, August 26, 2011

My Day and Other Boring Stuff

I haven't felt very motivated to write lately... maybe it's because I'm spending so much time on Sparkpeople focusing on my health and weight loss or because I haven't really had much to report recovery-wise. Or perhaps it's because I'm just super lazy.

Either way, all of the above are at least a little bit true. I have been trying to lose weight, and I am currently 15lbs lighter than I was before my accident (WOOHOO!). Very, very excited about that!

As for recovery, well, I'm getting there. I still am not walking yet, and I've had my physical therapy postponed for insurance reasons... as in LACK of insurance. But I'm working on that, and should be in therapy soon. I was finally able to get a picture of my car after the wreck and well seeing it, just sort of knocked the wind out of me. Someone who was on scene told my father that "a few more inches" and I'd have been a goner. And well..... have a look for yourself.

Yup, big crazy mess!

I also moved on Aug 1 and I've slowly been getting unpacked and settled into the new place. And we're having a housewarming party tomorrow. So that means today, J has been running around like a crazy person trying to clean. And I'm baking like a crazy person to have stuff to actually feed the guests.

I had planned for a much erm... healthier menu, but time and budget got in the way so the menu is: Cakepops (or rather cakeballs, since they aren't on sticks, which I've been dying to make since the very first time I learned of Bakerella), a Ham and Cheese ball with Ritz crackers, pretzels and some chips. We conveniently forgot the dip though... so I'm going to do some quick thinking there before 2pm tomorrow.

Oh well, now it's dinner time and I'm off to eat, relax, and find some sanity. :)

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