Thursday, September 29, 2011

This was a GOOD Day!

This was just a really super good day today! Even a headache isn't keeping me down!

First, I finally got all the financial issues straight with the hospital. Here's the low down: No health insurance + only 10k coverage from car insurance = hospital bill of $115K. Then you factor in that I no longer have a job (so I can't GET insurance), and I was in one pickle of a situation! My follow up dr visits were covered from the initial visit, but my physical therapy was not. So, I was told no therapy until I file, and get accepted, for the hospitals indigent care program.

I filed, but that was back in July... yes, that's right, JULY. Took a month to get the papers, two weeks to get to a fax machine (not having a car is a SERIOUS crime lol), and two weeks to get a verdict. Though, I know I could have rode the bus...but well, I didn't think about it, to be honest. But the good news, is I was told today that I was approved, and the bill written off. YUP, 100% gone. No bill. Which only makes me moderately happy, since well, it's $115K, it's not like I would actually be able to pay it off. I'm just happy I wont have to hear from creditors.

What makes me super happy is now I can make an appt for physical therapy! All I'm waiting for now is the Doc to rewrite the script for the therapy. My foot is essentially healed, I just have to work up the muscles to be strong enough not to turn my ankle, and basically learn to walk again. The plantar fascia that runs along the sole of the foot from the heel to the big toe (put your hand on the bottom of your foot and raise your toes upward and you'll feel it), is very tight, and sore, and I swear all my injured nerves have conspired against me and have all huddled up inside my big toe. So, I took my handy dandy tennis ball and massaged it all over.  I already knew about this trick, but thanks to a sparkpeople friend for reminding me (and enlightening me to all sorts of other body parts I can use it on)!

And this brings me to my next topic, I walked across my apartment today, completely unassisted! No chair, no walker, no crutches. Just my boot. Yay! I really can't remember the last time things in the fridge (or on the stove) weren't eye level! Makes me super happy.

And the last thing for today, is I rode the city bus for the first time ever. It's crazy and silly, I know.  I've lived in the country most of my life (and so, didn't have a bus to ride), and when I did live in the city before, I always had a car. But today my fiance and I decided we wanted to get out of the house, and didn't feel like making lunch, so we took the bus to Sonic. It was pretty cool, to be out and about, and not rushed because we don't have to worry that the person who drove us is waiting.

So yeah, this definitely qualified as a good day!


  1. Cool glad to here your doing so well and happy you won't need to be burdened with that kinda debt. My Granny used to never drive she always took the bus. I remember taking it as a kid. They are not that bad.

  2. Yes, it is very nice to not have that debt looming over me. The bus wasn't bad at all. Minus the whole lift with the wheelchair (not strong enough to go out with just crutches yet) which kinda freaked me out... always think I'm gonna flip over or something lol.